1. 12 brandneue zünftige Stückl

    mit CD

    Michael Kumeth

    12 brandneue zünftige Stückl

    for Steirische Harmonika with 2nd part by Silvia Kumeth. Includes chords and CD.

    12 compositions for Steirische Harmonika duo (also known as the Styrian accordion) with fingerings. The first part can also be played by itself. The chords are indicated to make it easier for accompanying instruments to join in. All the pieces are recorded on the accompanying CD....
    € 16.80
    Incl. 7% Tax
  2. Rucksacklieder für Steirische Harmonika

    Silvia Kumeth

    Rucksacklieder für Steirische Harmonika

    € 19.80
    Incl. 7% Tax
  3. 20 Stücke aus Bayern

    Max Winkler

    20 Stücke aus Bayern

    € 14.00
    Incl. 7% Tax
  4. Adventskalender für Steirische Harmonika

    Karl Kiermaier

    Adventskalender für Steirische Harmonika

    For Styrian Harmonica

    An atmospheric collection of 24 Christmas Songs, both old and new, in various levels of difficulty. All the pieces have been recorded on the accompanying CD as an aid to learning or simply for listening to....
    € 16.80
    Incl. 7% Tax